Deadpool Podcast – Is Deadpool a Superhero?

Deadpool Podcast – Is Deadpool a Superhero?

On our Deadpool Podcast: Violence. Violence against women. Violence and comedy. Agnosticism. Vanity. Identity. The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, has his very own superhero movie. Tim Posada joins Jay Sherer on The Story Geeks Podcast (formerly known as the Reclamation Society Podcast) to explore the truth in Deadpool, a film from Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds.

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Deadpool Podcast Questions:

What does Deadpool tell us is true about sentient beings?

More specifically, what do the filmmakers tell us is true about:

  • Vanity and identity
  • Being heroic
  • Violence (Violence against women, comedy and violence, and extreme violence)
  • Comedy and tragedy

What does Deadpool tell us is true about relationships?

What can we learn from the relationships showcased in Deadpool?

What does Deadpool tell us is true about spirituality?

What spiritual truths are communicated through this film? Is the merc with a mouth agnostic? Why or why not?

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Here is the podcast referenced in this show regarding violence in The Walking Dead comparative to Game of Thrones: The Boiled Leather Audio Hour (BLAH), Episode 41. Definitely worth a listen!

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Beyond the Podcast – Is Deadpool a Superhero?

What does it mean to be a superhero?  Lemme break down my thoughts. It’s been a little while since we recorded that podcast, and I have some additional thoughts…

“Superhero” is made up of two words: “super” and “hero.” And we don’t just have superheroes, we also have “super villains.” In this context, “super” means having abilities that normal, average, everyday humans don’t have. “Heroes” are people who put their own self-interests in jeopardy to save other people (“villains” being people who put their own self-interest over those around them).

Does Deadpool have super powers?

Yep! He most definitely does. In fact, you can read about them all here. Therefore, “super” as a descriptor of Deadpool fits. But, as I just mentioned… there is such a thing as a “super villain.” Just because you have super powers doesn’t mean you’re a superhero.


Is Deadpool a hero?

This is where Deadpool fails the superhero test. Technically speaking, Deadpool isn’t a hero. He occasionally does heroic things for other people, but the scope of his heroism is very self-focused and based on a worldview that’s not at all a worldview heroes would share.

More thoughts on comparing Deadpool’s worldview to Superman’s.

My Conclusion: Is Deadpool a Superhero?

Nope. He does have super powers. He occasionally helps others in a less self-focused way, but not all the time. Deadpool, in my opinion, is best referred to as a “super anti-hero.”