Fear, Injustice, and Corruption – Why Batman Begins is Relevant Right Now

The Truth in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins

Terror attacks. Gun violence. Police shooting African American men. The threat of economic collapse. Sounds like I’m reading a new Batman series, right? Except, I’m not, I’m just reading yesterday’s headlines. Perhaps now, more than ever, Christopher Nolan’s film, Batman Begins, has something very important for us to explore–fear, injustice, and systemic corruption. In this podcast we cover important topics, like:

  • Justice (and injustice)
  • Fear
  • Corruption
  • Evil

We also take a stab at guessing what each character’s spiritual belief system looks like. Who’s most likely to be agnostic? Christian? Other? We cover those as well.

Special thanks to Daryl Smith for joining me on this episode (and for several upcoming episodes as well!).

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