Star Wars: Rivals – Character Profile – Skye

[WARNING: This post may contain spoilers! Please watch Star Wars: Rivals before reading!]

Character Profile: Skye – Star Wars: Rivals

Skye is the central character in Star Wars: Rivals, our latest (and first ever) Star Wars fan film. Played by Marianne Haaland, Skye is the pivotal character in the film who goes through the biggest transformation. Let’s take a deeper look into Skye’s personality and background.

 Marianne Haaland as Skye in  Star Wars: Rivals .
Marianne Haaland as Skye in Star Wars: Rivals .

Skye’s Background

If you’ve seen the movie, you probably picked up on a few important pieces of information:

  1. Skye and Kel share a father (who, as the movie begins, has passed away).
  2. Skye and Kel have different mothers.
  3. Skye’s mother is a “Sith sorceress” (in Kel’s words).

What’s implied, but not explicitly stated, is that Skye’s father (who is named Drake) had an affair with Skye’s mother. The backstory is that Drake used to be a Jedi Knight, but was forced to leave the Order because of his affair with Skye’s mother, Syndra-Tai, because of her affiliation with the Sith. After being forced out of the Jedi Order, Drake stole Skye from Syndra-Tai and raised both of his daughters on the remote planet of Lothal (as seen in our film). He trained them both in the ways of the Force far from the prying eyes of the Jedi and the Sith.

But, Drake’s affair had grave implications beyond the negative impact on his knighthood. Kel’s mother (his wife), Illiana, had been devastated by her husband’s affair. She became sickly in her grief, and eventually passed away when Kel and Skye were young girls.

Drake mourned for years, but Kel was severely impacted by her mother’s death (more on this when we release Kel’s bio!).

Skye’s Abilities

Skye trained under her father’s tutelage, but did so carefully. She enjoyed being alone and reflective. Her abilities in persuasion, mindfulness, and Force telepathy blossomed, but she never excelled in physical Force powers…

 Marianne Haaland Force pushing her sister, Kel, back in  Star Wars: Rivals .
Marianne Haaland Force pushing her sister, Kel, back in Star Wars: Rivals .

  …until she starts to use dark side powers (as seen in Rivals). Part of this ability stems from her connection to her mother, Syndra-Tai, a Sith acolyte. Skye allows Syndra-Tai to supplement her own abilities.

Skye’s Journey

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

As we can tell from the film, Drake’s death sends his daughters into a time of confusion, anger, and sadness. Kel, already struggling to accept her half-sister, becomes a bully. Skye, on the other hand, begins to fear her sister, and then becomes angry. And, as the quote listed above (from Jedi Master Yoda) suggests, this is the path to the dark side.

We see it when she’s constructing her lightsaber and begins to get frustrated. And then again in her interactions with Kel, who shows her a completed lightsaber. Her mother’s influence begins to twist her fear into anger. And soon, partially in self-defense, but also to prove herself to her mother, sister, and Cuthar, we see her use the red lightsaber and even use Force choke!

 Marianne Haaland as Skye using Force choke in  Star Wars: Rivals !
Marianne Haaland as Skye using Force choke in Star Wars: Rivals !

Skye’s Journey Continues…

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