My Mom’s Death and the Biggest Question of All

“To die would be a great adventure.” – Peter Pan (from Hook)

I’m writing this on what would have been my mom’s 62nd birthday. I wish I could say that I’m watching her smile and make fun of my brothers and me. I’d like to report that we’re all digging into the spice cake that she used to make, or watching her open presents (only things from the list she would have given to us prior to her party, of course), or even taking fun selfies.

Unfortunately, we’re not.

Instead, I’m writing this blog post, reminiscing about her, and feeling incredibly sad. I’m sad because, as you have probably guessed by now, my mom passed away four-and-a-half years ago. Her breast cancer showed up in her spine, and eventually moved to her brain, and that eventually took her into the next life.

Which prompts the question: what in the world does that have to do with the Reclamation Society?

Good question. But see, my mom’s death is essential to my own personal journey. I’m writing this blog post because my mom’s death is, in large part, what makes me so passionate about the Reclamation Society. It’s why I started the Reclamation Society (alongside Nathan) in the first place.

Death prompts us to think beyond our present concerns and issues. Death breaks through the hustle and bustle of everyday life and demands that we consider our own mortality and the mortality of those around us. Put simply, it cuts through the bullsh*t.

Death drives us to deeper thinking and leads us to more important questions: What happens to us when we die? Where does our energy go? Is there anything beyond mortality, or is it only the void? What is my purpose in life? What really matters? The questions keep coming, sometimes in rapid succession, and other times in long beats of silence. But, each question drives us deeper into our own soul. Those questions weigh on us, because we don’t have complete answers. But those very questions (and many more just like them) engage our emotions–fear, wonder, anxiety, joy, etc.


Peter Pan’s quote from Hook catapults us to the very reason the Reclamation Society exists. His statement promises something more. Death isn’t the end. There’s more than the void. Better yet, there’s another great adventure. And that’s why the Reclamation Society produces podcasts. It’s also why we create our own stories. Because if this life is all there is, where is the hope in that?

Long before my mom passed away, when she had breast cancer for the first time (at the far too young age of 39), I used to watch Star Wars and Indiana Jones and read Batman and Spiderman comics all day long. I loved those stories. They taught me a lot, and they asked me to dream and imagine exciting, fantastic things. But, when I would go to bed, and when I’d lay there alone in the dark, I was confronted with something else. I was confronted with the fact that those stories only gave me hope in life, but they gave me very little hope in death.

In the stories you love, do you find hope or despair? Why? Our goal is to delve deeper into sci-fi, geek, comic book, and fantasy stories (including those we create) in order to uncover truth. Truth that will lead us to hope.

We agree with Peter Pan. And beyond just a great adventure, we believe that death can force us to consider life in greater depth and provide answers for us now.


Are you spiritual? What do you believe? Do you believe in reincarnation? Resurrection? Heaven? Hell? Karma? Limbo? Purgatory? Valhalla? Jannah? The Summerland? Something else?

We discuss comics and movies to discover Truth. What truth do these stories contain? And how will those truths shape our life today?

I have hope. And I am spiritual. As I consider my own narrative, I believe that my hope lies in Jesus Christ. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. Either way, we should be able to have a healthy conversation about it. Because there are no greater mysteries to ponder.

And so, as I sit here and reflect on my mom’s life, I’m sad, but I’m not without hope. Do you have hope? Want to discuss that with us? We’d love to chat with you. Tune into our podcasts, leave us a comment, or shoot us an email.

Ask questions. Delve deeper. Discover the Truth. What will we discover together?

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  1. Dear Jay
    Thank you for such a tender message. As a mom you touched my soul. As a Believer you gave Truth more light. When you wrote " Because if this life is all there is, where is the hope in that?" — I also thought— if this life is all there is, what a cruel joke. If this life/existence is a joke on us, then what is the purpose, why live on each day to the amusement of that kind of sad evilness? My life – anyone’s life has to have more meaning and promise.

    Bless you and all who are a part of Reclamation Society – promoting and exposing Hope! Love you.

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