Batman Podcast: The Dark Knight Explained

Batman Podcast: The Dark Knight Explained

Is Joker an Atheist? Is Heath Ledger the best Joker? We talk about this and more on The Story Geeks Podcast. Listen here:

Here’s a THROWBACK to 2016, back when The Story Geeks were just a twinkle in Jay’s eye! Daryl was still a guest, and the podcast was titled The Reclamation Society podcast, but the deep conversations were there from the get-go.

Jay and Daryl dug deep into each character in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (and touched on about every controversial issue of the day, too).

  • Can we trust people who are as arrogant as Harvey Dent?
  • Is Jim Gordon as intelligent as Batman, and is Batman the smartest hero in the DC universe?
  • How different is Two-Face from Harvey Dent?
  • What is the Joker’s worldview? What’s his take on spirituality? Is the Joker an atheist? Would more backstory help or hurt this character?

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