Women of Star Wars – Content Roundup

Whether they’re bringing a spark of hope to the galaxy, returning balance to the Force, or encouraging us to save what we love — not fight what we hate — the Women of Star Wars inspire and challenge us. Here’s a roundup of all of The Story Geeks’ recent content focusing on the Women of Star Wars and their far-reaching impact.

The Women of Star Wars Blog Series

In our recent Women of Star Wars blog series, The Story Geeks’ blogger Ashley Pauls  took a deep dive into the character journeys of six female main characters in the franchise:

Leia Organa – A spark of hope

Leia is a woman known by several names, each carrying the weight of different legacies: Leia Organa. Leia Skywalker. She is a woman of many titles: Senator. Princess. General. She is a legend within…[Read More]

Qi’ra – Whatever it takes to survive…

Qi’ra remains a bit of a mystery, at least to me. We’ve only seen her in one film, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and we get small hints of her past and her relationship with Han. We know that…[Read More]

Padmé – Defender of democracy

Padmé Amidala is a quintessential politician, and I really do mean that as a compliment. We’re often a bit skeptical of “career politicians”; we wonder how pure their motives really are. Do they actually want to help people, or do they simply crave power and influence? However, Padmé…[Read More]

Rey – Bringing balance to the Force

Rey is a survivor. After her family abandoned her on the lonely desert planet of Jakku, she’s spent years scavenging and learning how to fend for herself. She is wary of trusting others, and understandably so. Life is tough on Jakku, and you have to be careful of others who will try to steal your resources. Yet Rey is not…[Read More]

Jyn Erso – A Rebellion is born

When we first meet her in “Rogue One,” Jyn Erso doesn’t particularly care about the Rebellion, or what’s happening elsewhere in the galaxy. Trapped in a dingy, depressing Imperial labor camp, she focuses on surviving one day at a time because…[Read More]

Rose Tico – Saving what we love

Out of all the characters I’ve covered so far in the Women of Star Wars blog series, Rose feels like the most relatable to the average fan’s experience. She isn’t in a position of power like Leia or Padmé. She doesn’t have impressive Force powers like Rey. She isn’t as…[Read More]

On The Story Geeks Podcast

Alexis Torres with Black Hollywood Live and AfterBuzzTV  joined hosts Daryl and Jay to dive into Leia’s character journey in “Leia Organa – from Princess to General” on The Story Geeks podcast.
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We also dug into the concept of “Reylo” — and what a romantic relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren would mean for the Star Wars saga — with Shannon McCarter from Network 1901.
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We also discuss Rey’s character at length in our podcasts Digging Deeper into The Force Awakens.
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Our Top 5 Female Star Wars Characters

Our Story Geeks community members have been submitting audio files listing their Top 5 Female Star Wars CharactersListen for FREE on Patreon!
Check out Top 5s from: Sandra, Alex, Michael (from NerdSoul), Caitlin, Cody, Kimberly, Shannon (from Network 1901), Ashley, Jim, and Merrie.

Jay and Daryl’s picks for their Top 5 Female Star Wars characters are also available to our $2 supporters in the Aftercast!

Claudia Gray’s Star Wars Novel, Lost Stars

Ciena Ree is a fascinating contribution to the cast of female characters in the Star Wars universe!

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