Podcast: TOP 5 HALLOWEEN MOMENTS in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic Books

TOP 5 HALLOWEEN MOMENTS in Geekdom! What are your favorite Halloween moments that occur in science fiction, fantasy, and comic book worlds? Sandra Dimas (from the 28:19 Show) and Justin Weaver join Daryl and Jay to share their TOP 5 HALLOWEEN MOMENTS in Geekdom!

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5) The Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Catspaw”

Did you forget that Star Trek had a Halloween episode, complete with a shape-shifting black cat, trio of scary witches, and a plot wrapped up with ghosts and possessions? This is a great example of a “so bad it’s good” story: from the horrible wig that Walter Koenig had to wear to the obviously kitschy storyline, about the only really amazing part of this Halloween episode is the way that the actor playing the first casualty commits to crumpling on the transporter pad: it’s been fifty years, but it still hurts to watch.

4) Max surprises the guys in the Stranger Things episode “Trick or Treat, Freak”

It’s easy to say that the masterful follow-up to Netflix’s breakout hit had a top-five Halloween moment, but be careful: don’t confuse the frightening scene where Will sees the Mind Flayer with the actually-best moment of the episode — when the heroes all scream at the top of their lungs because Max jumps out at them while brandishing a toy dagger.

3) The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Halloween”

Oftentimes, the plot of a special holiday episode is contrived to be essentially separate from the rest of the series’ run (teaching the characters a nice, moralistic lesson, or just giving the network something seasonal to run in their ads), but Buffy’s story about a spell that turns people into their Halloween costumes broke that mold.

Not only was the story entertaining in its own right (introducing, among other things, some of Giles’ disturbing backstory), but the events of this episode would ripple throughout the rest of the series, such as when Xander uses his military knowledge to help defeat the Mayor.

2) Everything in either “Arsenic and Old Lace” or “Halloweentown”

Both of these are charming movies that take place entirely on Halloween; the former is a cinematic classic which, though perhaps not terribly “geeky,” is still very much worth a watch (“CHAAARGE!”). While the latter has fewer homicidal aunts, it does have Debbie Reynolds and a skeleton that makes cab driver jokes.

1) ET meets Yoda

There are more than a few iconic scenes in E.T., so the titular alien’s apparent recognition of a trick-or-treater wearing a Yoda costume might not often get top billing — but it does on a Halloween list! Clearly a nod to its pop-culture rival, Lucas would later return the favor to Spielberg by putting a digital group of E.T.’s people in the Galactic Senate.

Dead Last) Batman Forever: Two-Face and the Riddler trick-or-treat at Wayne Manor

I know that this is supposed to be a “TOP” list, but I can’t pass this by without commenting. There is a lot to complain about from the Schumacher-era of the Batman franchise, but turning Alfred into a bumbling old coot fooled by a pair of plastic dime-store masks was downright unconscionable.