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  • Ideal For: Everyone
  • Why It’s Awesome: Amazon gives us money, and it doesn’t cost YOU anything!

Do you use Amazon Smile? Eligible Amazon purchases made through (it’s the exact same site as Amazon!) result in Amazon giving 0.05% of the purchase price to the nonprofit of your choice. It’s Amazon’s way of giving back! All you have to do is sign up at and choose “Reclamation Society” as your charity (that’s our nonprofit production company) and then make purchases through It’s SUPER easy and costs you NOTHING!!!



  • Ideal For: Geeks
  • Why It’s Awesome: Geeks and fans get access to PREMIUM content!

Did you know that The Story Geeks offer premium content to supporters on Patreon? Patreon is a website that allows fans to support creators (like us!). Our premium content includes Aftercasts (additional podcasts we record), writer commentary on our stories, the ability to make your opinions heard on the podcast, and more!!! If you love our podcast or our YouTube channel, then you’ll love the additional content we offer on Patreon!

Become a patron from NOW through the end of the year and get these additional bonuses.

  • $2-a-month tier: Submit a question for us to cover on The Story Geeks podcast in 2019.
  • $3-a-month tier: Choose a topic for an ENTIRE The Story Geeks podcast! You choose what we talk about!*
  • $5-a-month tier: Be a guest on The Story Geeks podcast! Yep. Join us ON THE SHOW!

*NOTE: Subject to approval, but you guys know what we do, so this’ll be easy. 😀



  • Ideal For: Fans of Truth-seeking
  • Why It’s Awesome: You get a tax deduction!

The production company behind The Story Geeks podcast and all our original content (e.g., DEATH OF A BOUNTY HUNTER, TIMESLINGERS, and STAR WARS: RIVALS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! Why do we exist? To have deeper conversations with the geek community about important issues in an effort to find the Truth. We invite geeks in all walks of life to dig deeper with us. If you think what we do is as important as we think it is, consider supporting our nonprofit! Plus, you get a tax deduction!


However you choose to give, we’re SUPER grateful to you! Strapped for cash? That’s okay, here are some more ways to support us that don’t include spending money…

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