Podcast: Iron Man in the MCU – I am your nuclear deterrent – With Helen O’Hara from the Empire Podcast

IRON MAN in the MCU. Episode 1 in our MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) serial leading up to AVENGERS: ENDGAME!

Helen O’Hara, editor-at-large and freelancer at Empire Magazine and one of the hosts of the Empire Podcast (and one of our favorite guests), joins Daryl Smith and Jay Sherer to dig deeper into Tony Stark as IRON MAN and his character journey through the MCU.

Listen now:

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  • Week 1: IRON MAN in the MCU
  • Week 2: NERDFIGHT: The BEST Spider-Man
    • Guest: Michael Gordon from the ESO Podcast
  • Week 3: THOR in the MCU
    • Guest: Helen O’Hara from the Empire Podcast
    • AFTERCAST: Characters who lived through Infinity War
  • Week 4: NERDFIGHT: The BEST MCU Film
    • Guests: …to be announced
    • Guest: Marie-Claire from the What the Force Podcast
    • AFTERCAST: …digging even deeper!
  • Week 6: AVENGERS: ENDGAME Reaction (also available on our YouTube channel recorded LIVE)

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THE AFTERCAST: Daryl and Jay talk about more characters and their journeys throughout the MCU… this week: the characters who died in Infinity War (e.g., Gamora, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and more!). $2-a-month supporters get access to this and ALL our Aftercasts. More content from The Story Geeks on The Story Geeks Aftercast!

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