Podcast: NERDFIGHT! The Best Spider-Man… with Michael Gordon from the ESO Network

Who’s the BEST Spider-Man? It’s NERDFIGHT time!!!

Here’s Episode 2 in our MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) serial leading up to AVENGERS: ENDGAME!

Michael Gordon, co-host of the Earth Station One Podcast and the writer behind Tiki Zombie, moderates today’s NERDFIGHT between Jay ShererJustin Weaver, and Sandra Dimas.

Listen now:

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  • Week 1: IRON MAN in the MCU
  • Week 2: NERDFIGHT: The BEST Spider-Man
    • Guest: Michael Gordon from the ESO Podcast
  • Week 3: THOR in the MCU
    • Guest: Helen O’Hara from the Empire Podcast
    • AFTERCAST: Characters who lived through Infinity War
  • Week 4: NERDFIGHT: The BEST MCU Film
    • Guests: …to be announced
    • Guest: Marie-Claire from the What the Force Podcast
    • AFTERCAST: …digging even deeper!
  • Week 6: AVENGERS: ENDGAME Reaction (also available on our YouTube channel recorded LIVE)

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THE AFTERCAST: Michael Gordon talks more about who his personal choice for the best Spider-Man would have been. $2-a-month supporters get access to this and ALL our Aftercasts. More content from The Story Geeks on The Story Geeks Aftercast!

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