Podcast: Shazam! – A kid hero, his family, and a DCEU film that works!

What makes SHAZAM! work where other DCEU movies struggle? What does SHAZAM! say about the power of family and why it’s so essential? And do the Seven Deadly Sins work as a villain?

Jay Sherer and Daryl Smith are joined by Markeia McCarty (from DC Daily) to dig deeper into the latest entry in the DCEU… SHAZAM!

Listen now:

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AFTERCASTJay and Daryl rank all the DCEU villains! $2-a-month supporters get access to ALL our Aftercasts!



  • Week 1: SHAZAM – Dig Deeper
    • Guest: Markeia McCarty from DC Daily
    • AFTERCAST: All the DCEU villains ranked!
  • Week 2: NERDFIGHT: The Best DCEU Movie
  • Week 3: AQUAMAN – Dig Deeper
    • Guests: Scott Niswander and Mike Roe
  • Week 4: NERDFIGHT: What would make the DCEU better?
    • Guests: Bryant and Barbra Dillon


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