Stranger Things – Good vs. Evil

Stranger Things

STRANGER THINGS! We dig deeper into Seasons 1 & 2 on the day Season 3 is released! Brionna (one of our loyal Patreon supporters) and Anthony Holdier (The Story Geeks blogger and former host of The Story Cauldron podcast) join Jay Sherer (author of the time travel novel TIMESLINGERS) to discuss:

  • Which character has the best arc?
  • What does the show indicate is good and evil?
  • And what is the Upside Down a metaphor for? (Do NOT miss Brionna’s theory on this!)

We can’t wait to binge-watch Season 3 today… but why not make it a STRANGER THINGS 4th of July and reminisce about Seasons 1 & 2 with us! 

AFTERCAST: Brionna and Jay discuss subplots (#JusticeForBarb), the Upside Down, and more! $2-a-month supporters get access to ALL our Aftercasts

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