Podcast: Pixar’s Toy Story franchise – How Disney makes us care about toys

Pixar’s TOY STORY franchise might go down as one of the best franchises in film history. But, why do we care about toys? How does Pixar make us feel so strongly about inanimate objects? And how do they manage to put Woody through four distinct character arcs?

Daryl Smith and Jay Sherer are joined by Matt Parrish from WEDway Radio and the 3028 podcast to dig deeper into the TOY STORY franchise! 

Listen now:

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  • Week 1: Pixar’s Toy Story Franchise
    • Guest: Matt Parrish (from WEDway Radio and the 3028 podcast)
  • Week 2: NERDFIGHT – Best Animated Disney Character
    • Guests: Jack Millicken (from No Midnight Media) & Josh Taylor (from Network 1901)
    • AFTERCAST: Jack’s choice for Best Animated Disney Character and Josh yells at Daryl…
  • Week 3: Pixar’s INSIDE OUT
    • Guests: TBD
  • Week 4: NERDFIGHT – Best Live-Action Remake
    • Guests: TBD

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