Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix 2020

Movies to Stream on Netflix

Sci-Fi Movies… but Also Some Fantasy and Comic Book Movies to Stream on Netflix in 2020!

If you’re like me, you’re in self-quarantine right now. We’re all social distancing, and appropriately so. Which means many of us have extra time on our hands. Which means… BINGE-WATCHING NETFLIX!

The question is: What movies should we stream right now? Here are my Top 10 Movies on Netflix to Stream in 2020. Yep, they’re all geek movies, and they’re a great, momentary escape from the pandemic. I’ve also linked to these movies on Amazon just in case you want to pick up a copy for your collection!

Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Book Movies on Netflix (Video Version):

Netflix Movies to Stream in 2020: Honorable Mentions

These films don’t make my Top 10, but if you’ve got extra quarantine binge time, maybe you should revisit them (or watch them for the first time):

  • Back to the Future III: If the first film of the Back to the Future Trilogy was available, it’d be in my Top 3. The third film is still great, but I like watching them in order…
  • Sin City: Over-the-top, hardcore noir narrative (Frank Miller loves to do this so much…), and one of the most comic book-y movies of all time. Doesn’t make my Top 10, but hey, if you’ve got time, give it a watch!
  • Event Horizon: If you’re already anxious raise your hand. *Raises hand.* Chances are, you don’t need a deeper exploration of hell. BUT, I gotta mention it. And if you want to double down, listen to our podcast on Event Horizon with special guest Chris Hewitt from Empire Magazine.
  • Inglorious Basterds: Geek movie? Yep. Technically, it’s alternate history, which fits the definition. Not for everyone, but certainly one of Tarantino’s best (in my opinion…).
  • Solo: A lot more fun that I expected. And it’s Star Wars. You have to binge Star Wars during a pandemic, right?
  • Terminator: Salvation: People hate this film. I love it. In fact, it’s my second favorite Terminator film after the original. Maybe you need to watch it again, because I think it’s kind of awesome.

10. Comic Book Movies on Netflix – Avengers: Infinity War

What I’m about to write comes with a big caveat: you need to watch Infinity War and Endgame back-to-back. Why? Because you can imagine that Thanos is the pandemic. And then you get to watch the Avengers (i.e., doctors, nurses, scientists, and first responders–our real-life heroes) destroy the virus (Thanos). Of course, if you just stop at the end of Infinity War… that’s just gonna be depressing.

Our podcast on Infinity War.

9. Comic Book Movies on Netflix – The Incredibles 2

The follow-up to The Incredibles is fantastic. The animation is unbelievable, and it’s SUPER family friendly. Why not give it another spin?

8. Sci-fi Movies on Netflix – Groundhog Day

While self-distancing, the days might start to blend together a bit. You might wonder if you’re experiencing the same day over again. Well, now, you can watch a character experience that very thing, but probably in a lot funnier way. Plus, in the end, it’s heartwarming!

7. Fantasy Movies on Netflix – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

First, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a FANTASTIC re-watch. We just re-watched it for the podcast series we did (listen to that here), and it’s outstanding. Plus, if you watch the entire trilogy, it’s at least 9 hours worth of content (more like 12 if you watch the extended editions). Why isn’t it higher on my list? Two reasons: (1) Netflix doesn’t have Fellowship of the Ring available for some bizarre reason, and (2) The Netflix versions aren’t the extended editions… But, you might just want to upgrade your collection and get the blu-rays anyway:

6. Sci-fi Movies on Netflix – Bladerunner

I live in Los Angeles. Will it look like Bladerunner after the pandemic is finished? Probably not. But is this a fantastic movie? Absolutely. Sure, it’s a little intense. It’s not mindless entertainment. But, it’s great, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber, it’s available!

Our first podcast on Bladerunner. And our second podcast on Bladerunner.

5. Fantasy Movies on Netflix – Hook

Surprised that Hook is so high on my list? Re-watch it! It’s fantastic escapism with a heartfelt message. Plus, it’s great to see Robin Williams again and reminisce about his career. A great premise, a fun movie, and it’s definitely worth a re-watch! (Also, the link below to purchase on Amazon has it for $5!!!)

4. Comic Book Movies on Netflix – The Dark Knight

I mean, if you’ve got time, you can also stream Batman Begins on Netflix. For some reason, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t on Netflix (because I guess Netflix is great at negotiating 1-2 movies of a trilogy?). But, that’s okay, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are both better films anyway. After all the amazing comic book movies we’ve seen, go back to watch one of the best: The Dark Knight.

Our podcast on The Dark Knight.

3. Sci-fi Movies on Netflix – Inception

Christopher Nolan continues to be one of the best filmmakers of our time. And Inception is no exception. It’s a cerebral film, but one with plenty of action and special effects. Plus, it has some fascinating things to say about ideas and the way our brains work. Not very light-hearted, but definitely worth a re-watch!

Our Inception podcast with Dileep Rao (Yousef in the movie!).

2. Comic Book Movies on Netflix – Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse… go watch it RIGHT NOW! Some will be skeptical because it’s animated. Don’t be. It’s a great story, a fantastic Spider-Man film, and the best possible way of introducing people to Miles Morales. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Plus, it’s family friendly! Just go watch it!

1. Fantasy Movies on Netflix – The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Daryl would be so pissed at me right now. But… the entire Indiana Jones trilogy is available on Netflix!!! And, yes, it’s only a trilogy. No, there isn’t a fourth film–what are you talking about? It’s just a trilogy, and it’s the best trilogy of all time! Look, I’m always going to recommend the first three (the ONLY three) Indiana Jones films, and I’m not going to apologize. LOL.

Your Turn: What sci-fi movies are YOU streaming on Netflix in 2020?

Welp, that’s my list, but what are you binging during this pandemic? Let me know! I’d love to add some killer geek films to my own binge-watching list!

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