The Story Geeks Talk Indie Video Games – Introduction!

The Story Geeks Talk Indie Video Games!

Our very first episode of a special summer series… What Indie video games should you play and what do their stories have to say?

 Casual gamer, Justin Weaver, and serious gamer, Ryan Swindoll, kick off their summer series with an intro into our latest podcast! On today’s show:

  • Can we create a community around indie video gaming and a deeper search for the Truth?
  • Why aren’t the stories in video games discussed in deep ways?
  • Are indie video games even worth discussing?
  • We’ll introduce the list of 5 games (all gems!) we’re playing together!
  • Why you should join us in playing “Untitled Goose Game” (we’re discussing that in 2 weeks!).
  • Want to join our “book club” for video games? We’ll be posting consistently in The Story Geeks Facebook Group! Join the group and submit questions for us to discuss!

Listen now:

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