Untitled Goose Game! – A silly, hilarious indie video game with heart and based onā€¦ schadenfreude?

Untitled Goose Game! The first video game in our Indie Video Game Series! And it’s a ridiculous one!

Casual gamer, Justin Weaver, and serious gamer, Ryan Swindoll, are joined by Nataly Guzman to discuss Untitled Goose Game! On today’s show:

  • Short interviews with the youngest Story Geeks ever on the show!
  • What about this game is so funny?
  • What do multiple generations of players think about this game?
  • Is this game a perfect example of ā€œschadenfreudeā€? (What is ā€œschadenfreude?!?!”)
  • What was the funniest part of Untitled Goose Game to you?
  • Is the goose simply a menace displaying no empathy, or does the goose have something to teach this town, and itsĀ inhabitants, through the mischief?
  • Feel free to continue interacting with us about Untitled Goose Game, and be sure to jump into the conversation on our next game, Journey!
  • Thanks to Lynn, Jimmy, Debra and Jordan for interacting with us. Jump into the conversation and you may hear your name and question or comment on the next episode.
  • Honk!

Listen now:

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