Outer Wilds – An Open World Indie Video Game!

Casual gamer Justin Weaver and serious gamer Ryan Swindoll are joined by Nick Duke to dig deeper into Outer Wilds!

Here are the topics from today’s conversation:

  • The various themes found in Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital.
  • Ryan calls this his favorite game of 2019. What makes it so amazing?
  • What is it like to play an open world game without levels and quest lines?
  • How can a game explore ideas as different as quantum mechanics and roasting marshmallows at a campfire?
  • How the frustration Justin experienced playing this game taught him about himself.
  • We discuss the various planets and rules of this solar system.
  • Music is such a powerful tool for storytelling, and this game used it in some surprising and effective ways.
  • What is the Eye of the Universe? Is it another Quantum Mechanic or is it a picture of God?
  • We also talk about all the times we crashed and died!

This week’s exclusive Patreon content:

  • Justin, Ryan and Nick talk about too much good stuff to fit it all into the podcast available for the public, so we have preserved what was removed for you, our Patreon supporters. Thank you for your partnership!
  • Be sure to listen to the main podcast first for the bulk of the conversation.
  • Some of the things we discuss in this episode are:
    • Ryan’s description of this game from our first video game podcast recorded back in April.
    • Discussing how quickly you can beat this game.
    • How this game honors knowledge (and listen to Justin learn how to get to one area he hasn’t visited).
    • Discussions on design, production value, music and graphics quality.

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