Our Guests


Dan Jurgens – DC Comics writer and artist, known for his work on The Death of Superman.
Chuck Patton – DC Comics artist and animator, known for his work on Justice League of America.
Ali Plumb – BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s film critic, interviewer person, press conferencer and Q&A host.
Chris Hewitt – Host of the Empire Podcast and Word Jockey @empiremagazine.
Helen O’Hara – editor-at-large and freelancer at Empire Magazine and one of the hosts of the Empire Podcast.
Dileep Rao – Actor, writer. Films: Avatar, Drag Me to Hell, Inception, Beeba Boys.
Paul F. Verhoeven –  comedian and host of Steam Punks on the ABC. Co-host of the 28 Plays Later podcast.
Markeia McCarty – host, journalist, actor for @TheDCUniverse @Nerdist @Screenjunkies @ColliderVideo @Hyper_rpg @AfterbuzzTV+

Hannibal Tabu – writer and comic book author

Michael Young – founder of NERDSoul and Jedi Alliance co-host
Malachi Ward – comic book writer and artist
Shannon McCarter – host and content creator from Network 1901
Elvis Illescas – frequent Story Geeks podcast guest