The Story Geeks Podcast

“It’s like sitting in on a great book club.”
– Mitch Gerads, DC Comics artist

Are you a geek? Do you love diving deep into your favorite geek stories? The Story Geeks podcast hosts deep discussions about the impact that geek stories (films, books, comics, and more) have on fans and the wider culture at large.

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“I’ve watched this movie dozens of times, and I’ve never thought of some of the questions you guys are asking.”
– Michael Gordon, Co-Host of the ESO Podcast

Join hosts Jay Sherer and Daryl Smith as they chat about your favorite geek stories with special guests from all realms of fandom.




Helen O’Hara, editor-at-large and freelancer at Empire Magazine and one of the hosts of the Empire Podcast.

Paul F. Verhoeven, comedian and host of Steam Punks on the ABC. Co-host of the 28 Plays Later podcast.

Malachi Ward, comic book writer and artist

Michael Young, founder of NERDSoul and Jedi Alliance co-host

Shannon McCarter, host and content creator from Network 1901

Hannibal Tabu , writer and comic book author

Elvis Illescas, frequent Story Geeks podcast guest
And loooots more but we’re working on pics… =)